Belle ╬le

Belle ╬le, off the south coast of Brittany, was often subject to attack by various sea-borne enemies from the middle ages. A quadrangular bastioned'citadel'was built at the port of Le Palais in 1550, raplacing the medieval castle that had previously occupied the site.

General view of the citadel and environs.
The citadel of Le Palais, Belle ╬le.

The citadel was strengthened in 1572, and in the 17th century, along with the rest of the island, came under the ownership of Nicholas Fouquet, a powerful noble under Louis XIV. In the late 17th century, Vauban'perfected the citadel's trace and built barracks inside.

The citadel of Le Palais, Belle ╬le. The citadel of Le Palais, Belle ╬le.
Close-up of the seaward side. Close-up of the landward side.
Belle Ile from the sea. View of the citadel and the town.
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