The town of Ath was created in the middle ages by Count Baldwin IV of Hainaut. He built a fortified tower there, and the town grew up around it. Ath was fortified around 1340 and strengthened towards the end of that century.

Ath seen from the south.

In 1540, the Spanish added bastions to the medieval defences. Louis XIV captured the town in 1667. Vauban rebuilt the fortifications, creating a roughly octagonal trace of 8 bastions and demi-lunes.

Ath seen from the north.

There were two flooded ditches, false brays in in places and a strong covered way. The fortifications of Ath were demolished by the Austrians after the 1745 siege. The keep of the medieval castle, known as the Tour Burbant, is still standing and houses a museum.

Ath seen from the north-east. Detail of the south-west corner of the fortifications.
The western front of the defences. Triangular works protecting a demi-lune. Rather blurred, sorry...
Northern defences. Detail of the town of Ath.
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